Focus 1 Advisors

My time is valuable and I know yours is too. To ensure that you receive the best service and pay the least amount of tax legally possible we have a step by step process.

It begins with you, making a commitment to explore tax savings alternatives.

Once the decision is made please contact or office at (310) 540-6197, email Focus 1 Advisors or book a FREE 30 minute consultation with us today.


What we need . . .

Prior to your consultation, we will request copies of your past 2 years personal and business tax returns. We will provide you with a private fully secured portal to send your tax information.

Providing your tax returns prior to our meeting will give us a foundation to talk and maximize our time together. The meeting can be facilitated via Skype, Zoom Meeting, phone or of course, face to face. If you have any burning questions we will be more than happy to answer them during this meeting, not before.

Typically, at the conclusion of our meeting, I can give you a dollar amount of potential tax savings. Now you will need to make a decision. Do you want to proceed in the process and receive a written tax plan, tailored to your specific situation, that gives recommendations backed up with IRS code, Private letter Rulings and/or Case law, or continue to unnecessarily paying more tax than you should?

What happens next?

If you decide to proceed there will be fee for the plan based on the complexity and amount of potential tax saving. However, I do guarantee and back up my work and if you are not 100% satisfied I will be more than happy to refund your money.

Once the plan is completed we will set another meeting and prior to that meeting the written Tax Plan will be delivered via Federal Express, by email prior to the plan review meeting, or in person.

The plan is yours to keep and to do what you want. During the review meeting we will go over each recommendation in detail, you can ask any question you want, and more importantly, if you chose, we can discuss an implementation plan.

And remember . . .

It’s always great to have a plan, but . . . your tax plan’s worthless if you don’t put it into action. But that’s where YOU step in! Don’t worry though, we’ll be right there alongside you, guiding and assisting where we can with implementation so that you can turn your plan into reality!

But wait . . . one more thing . . .

If you feel that you can work together with us on an ongoing basis, we offer bundled packages of Accounting and Tax preparation services (some including implementation and on-going, year-round tax planning services. Interested? See our pricing for more information.