We’ll focus on tax planning to INCREASE your WEALTH, so you can focus more on planning your annual vacations.

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    When was the last time your CPA said “I have an idea that will SAVE you TAXES”. Don’t assume this is being done. Learn how to minimize your tax . . . legally.

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    You’ve worked hard, you’ve sacrificed, you’ve saved and you’ve invested for your and your family’s future. Don’t put that at risk – learn a simple, safe and secure way to protect your nest egg.

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    Running a business is challenging. There never seems to be enough time to do everything you need. Over the last 25 years, one thing we have learned, is that no one person can be successful on their own . . . they need a team.

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We’ve saved our clients $752,253
in tax so far this year

Steven Floyd EA, CTM, CEP

CEO & Founder
Tax Expert & Best-selling Tax Author

Steven Floyd has been in the financial arena for over 35 years and is an experienced author, lecturer and tax strategist.

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We believe . . . that Americans are some of the most innovative and smartest people around the globe. We’re entrepreneurial, we take risks, we make sacrifices and we work hard, really hard!

But sadly . . . for every risk you take and for every dollar you earn, the IRS has their hand in your pocket and takes a massive slice. Our tax laws are so complex that they’re impossible to understand right? That’s why, most people, pay significantly more taxes than you need to.

Thats where we step in!

Led by best-selling tax author & expert tax strategist, Steven Floyd, our passionate team of tax professionals are tax experts who come to work each day with the burning drive and single-minded goal of helping you to grow your wealth and build a better life by guiding, coaching and mentoring business owners like you, to be successful, all whilst minimizing your taxes with expert tax planning.

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Why work with us?

Our team of tax and wealth management experts are passionate about minimizing your tax and growing your wealth. We live and breath this stuff and we’re passionate about saving our clients literally tens of thousands of dollars per year! Let our team come up with a tax & wealth plan for you today.

  • "Saved me almost $750,000 in taxes" T.B.   Investor, Santa Monica, California
      Investor, Santa Monica, California
    "Saved me almost $750,000 in taxes"

    In 2014 I wanted to sell my duplex in Santa Monica to free up cash and enjoy my retirement. However, when Steven explained to me that because I owned my duplex for many years and had fully depreciated it, my taxes would be in excess of $750,000 if I sold it. There was no way I wanted to pay this and was amazed when he brought to my attention a new and legal tax strategy that saved me most all of my tax liability. To this date I thank him for the best vacation of my life.

  • "Saved me thousands every year" T.A.   Realtor, Long Beach, California
      Realtor, Long Beach, California
    "Saved me thousands every year"

    I can not express my gratitude enough. You have saved me thousands, tens of thousands of tax dollars over the past 10 years. Your knowledge of my profession as a Realtor has really given me a way to better run my business and make more money. In fact, your recommendation in 2013 to change my business structure form a Sole Proprietor to and S-Cop saved my at least 12,500 each year going forward.

    Steven has always been available for questions and his professionalism is excellent.

  • "Instrumental to my success" J.D.   Business Owner, Redondo Beach, California
      Business Owner, Redondo Beach, California
    "Instrumental to my success"

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for guiding me and my businesses since 2001. Your suggestions for saving taxes and running my business more efficiently has been instrumental to my success. I can think of one time he called me up and told me our merchant processor was not paying us correctly. Within a week we had $10,000 of new money. He recommendations are well thought out and he communicates them in a way that is easily understandable.